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Form Painting and Color Theory - San Francisco

Form Painting and Color Theory Course with Graydon Parrish and Tony Curanaj
Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier


345 Quarry Rd, San Carlos CA. 94070
HOURS: 10:45-5:00pm Monday Through Friday.

For most of the history of art, color was thought of as unknowable, the province of only a gifted few.   While great colorists might be born, an artist can gain an intimate knowledge of color space by understanding the three attributes of color…hue, value and chroma…and practice mixing each.

A painter in his own right, Albert Munsell (1858-1918) used the terms hue, value and chroma in his numerical system of color naming.  A numerical system, he thought, was more precise than the traditional names of color like ochre, crimson and ultramarine.  

For example, he would describe a certain yellow not as yellow ochre, but as 10YR 5/6 where 10YR is the hue, 5 is the value and 6 is the chroma. 

This three week course will introduce both the novice and experienced painter to the concept of controlled color based on the Munsell system. Week one, artist Graydon Parrish will teach each student how to mix every color within the gamut of oil paint.   The second week, he will introduce the concepts of color matching, shading series and color sequences.  This will enable the student to build successful palettes for any subject, real or imagined.   In week three, artist Tony Curanaj, who has taught with Graydon for years, will test and refine the student’s modeling skills and offer creative ways to use color in composition.

Students who have taken week one and two previously may want to start at week three.   Graydon Parrish will be attending the beginning of week three so that all will transition smoothly.